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The images posted are the property of Wanda DeVries Photography and may not be reprinted or used without expressed and/or written permission from Wanda DeVries Photography. However, you are welcome to use them for personal sites such as Facebook, Instagram, linked etc... with a link back to our website as long as the logo/copyright stays on the photo. If the image does not already have a logo, please add photo credit in the caption under the image:

Photo credit: Wanda DeVries Photography DeVries-Photography
It is an infringement of copyright to edit, change in any way, or use these images in any media without permission from Wanda DeVries Photography. If you would like to use the images for any other purpose please Thanks!

CLIENTS/FANS: Just a reminder, feel free to copy and save any photos you want from our page, we only ask that you leave our logo/name on them and DO NOT alter the images in any way!

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